Massage therapy can enhance the body's
natural ability to heal itself. Consider
making therapeutic massage part of your
health maintenance program today.

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Diana R. Simone LMT

Hello and thank you for visiting this site. My name is Diana (pronounced Deanna) Simone. I have been a massage therapist in Fort Worth, Texas since 1989. I graduated from the Asten Center of Natural Therapeutics in Richardson, Texas. The following year I became a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association ( and in 1992 was awarded National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. ( . I have maintained these professional affiliations ever since, meeting or exceeding the continuing education requirements of both.

"THERE IS NO GREATER WEALTH THAN HEALTH" Although I do not know who originally made that statement, I whole heartily agree. Regardless of material acquisitions, without our health and vitality, our quality of life is diminished.

After nearly 20 years in practice I still remain in awe of the body's natural ability to heal itself given the proper circumstances. The ability to relax and rest well are two of the important conditions necessary to activate that natural healer within, and yet , that is difficult, if not impossible when you are physically uncomfortable due to tight muscles, chronic pain patterns and repetitive use injuries.

In today's fast paced world stress in unavoidable, so finding the best antidote for stress is vital for health maintenance. Unfortunately many people turn to potentially unhealthy solutions for stress related issues and end up making matters worse rather than better. I hope you will consider making massage therapy part of your anti-stress, health maintenance protocol, and I would be sincerely honored if you would allow me to be part of your team.

Many blessings,
Diana R. Simone LMT

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